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The "urban heartbeat"-artists from Trinidad

Learn more about the artists that won the urban heartbeat contest in Trinidad and will be part of the last tour stop of "urban heartbeat": Port of Spain (more information...)

Raquel Vasquez La Roche

Raquel Vasquez La Roche, is a Venezuelan visual communicator, with Trinidadian and Chilean roots. She started her visuals studies at Prodiseño - School of Visual Communication in Caracas – Venezuela and continued at the University of the West Indies where she obtained a BA in Visual Arts and a minor in Spanish. Raquel believes that art and design is an influential device that could create sensibility and consciousness in people. Currently she works as a designer in The Garage 20 and is the organizer of 1st international mail art exhibition in Trinidad & Tobago, "Self-portrait" by Postal Art T&T.

Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

“I'm a writer and visual artist based in Sangre Grande. At the moment, I do freelance writing, book illustrations and other art projects for a living. My writing has been published in various literary journals, and a first collection of poetry is currently being edited for publication. Much of my work focuses on the female figure in relation to landscape and garden spaces. I'm also currently pursuing a M.A in Literature in English at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.“

Dean Arlen

“The idea of exploring the living space has consumed me since returning from the Ontario College of Art and Design, which I attended on a Commonwealth Fellowship. There I pursued a multi-disciplinarian approach to sculpture, through installation art. This compounded my jewellery studies, done at John D Technical Institute and my visual arts diploma, completed at the University of the West Indies. On returning, I embarked on an intention of art and design in our living space, the most memorable being the UWI Sculptural Project/The One Day Symposium 2006-2010 the Sculptural Playground (in development). The projects that I engage, are extensions of my studio practice where my collages and assemblages paintings have allowed me to create an urban philosophical art and design language that has strengthen my resolve to reinterpret them into my very own urban and rural spaces. My recent exploration of the living space through the AlterEgo Project, which is the presentation of 15 design built pieces of furniture, looks at the art of production and the alternative artist operation within community and state.”

Jennifer Pérez Rojas

I am an architect/urban planner. Whenever daily deadlines don't chase me I cruise in between photography, graphic design and blogging. My artistic representations always try to tell a story based on meaningful themes and daily characters, specially their expressions. Trough the years I found stencils suite that pattern very well, since I can capture a lot through the lens of my camera and I can turn it into something "happy" that I will like to show and remember just by going around the block where I paint it or stick it. Thus far I feel appease since I really enjoy being behind the computer, the camera or a brush!

Luis Vasquez La Roche and Alicia Milne/ Pinky & Emigrante

Visual artists, Luis Vasquez La Roche and Alicia Milne have been producing work together in the public space since 2011. Their tag, P&E, meaning Pinky & Emigrante, is a playful reference to their shared interests in ideas of home and perception. Luis hails from Venezuela and currently works as a Production Manager in an animation studio. Alicia is a Trinidad national and teaches art in a local secondary school.

Marie-Elena Joseph

“I attended the College of Art and Design (SCAD University , Savannah, GA) where I graduated as a magna cum-laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Illustration. Work experiences include Nickelodeon/MTV New York, primarily as a design intern then transitioned to a project manager assistant. During this time I worked on various illustrations for famous cartoons and shows such as “Sponge Bob” and “Dora the Explora”. I’m now working as a graphic designer/illustrator at Pepper Advertising in Newtown, Port of Spain. I focus on both, the traditional and digital aspects of the illustration world. Working with mediums varying from ink and watercolour to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I focus on the context and subject matter before deciding in which direction to go. Most pieces entail a mix of both mediums however. Some pieces are described as dark and glory, but I would describe it more as a softer version of very urban type art. I love socializing and interacting with people. Laughing is a necessity in my day. My passion is art – either being part of a creative project or creating work – once I have some sort of input I’ll be happy.” Marie-Elena was born in Venezuela to a Venezuelan mother and a Lebanese/Trini father. She grew up in Trinidad as one of four siblings.

Kriston Banfield

“I’m 19 years old and I have been drawing/painting for as long as I can remember. I’m a resident of the Santa Cruz area and as a result I have always been close to nature. To describe my art is to basically describe myself, most of my pieces are African influenced but are also a mix with a lot of Buddhist images and ideals. My drawings are all lines without attempting to be “real” in anyway, which is the basis of all my pieces, to extend the mind beyond what we experience everyday and I always find some way to personify or turn the theme into metaphor. Almost every piece has an underlying meaning which may not be obvious until explained. The piece submitted to the Urban Heartbeat competition is a man with African features meditating and reaching enlightenment (the cloud) but around him are the woes and distractions of the world in the form of demons and just plain nature (leaves and flowers) though he is able to cast them away and is secure in his halo of a single lotus petal.”

Richard Williams

“My work is based on my inner feelings on environmental conversation, history and life experiences – and with this I often use materials that somehow at the moment of conception are available in my space. Then I include them into my work melting material with ideas with the finish piece, crystallizing into a body. I do however plan my project always trying to involve my surroundings in my work. In 2011 I founded the group “Art People” and “Art People International” (Facebook). At the moment I am concentrating my efforts on the Leatherback Turtle.”
Richard is a painter, jeweller and coach for both. He currently lives and works in Langen, Germany, which is why he can unfortunately not be present for Urban Heartbeat. His design will be integrated in the mural though, as his friend Richard Taylor will join the event for him.

Brianna McCarthy

Brianna McCarthy is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Trinidad and Tobago. Her work takes on the intricacies and dynamics of representing Afro-Caribbean women who are portrayed as being strong, long-suffering, exoticised and picturesque beings against a backdrop of poverty, hardship, abuse and/or scorn. McCarthy’s constructions and representations revolt against and subvert the stereotypical trends of representing the black body. Through various media: collage, drawing, illustration, and painting she constructs and manipulates a range of deeply personal and emotional experiences within the constructions. Her work exposes a new range of depth of expressions and emotions, which for the most part, are non-existent in the recorded cultures of the Caribbean landscape. Brianna’s exhibition “After Colour” will run from 15-29 March at Medulla Art Gallery.

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