Friday, October 28, 2011

The artist Jim Avignon

Jim Avignon occupies a special niche in the present art scene in Germany. Currently based in New York, he is constantly on the move from one place to another -- which is how this self-taught artist has shaped his career outside the conventional art industry of academics, galleries and museums.

A central motif of his artwork and style is speed. He has created 200 large-format paintings in about three weeks, and in two nights he completed a 500-square-metre exhibition at the University of Frankfurt. Another quality of his work is grounded in Jim Avignon’s philosophy that art should not disappear inside exclusive galleries and museums. Instead, art should be accessible for anyone and should be part of everyday life.

Painting alone does not satisfy the creative abilities of someone like Jim Avignon. Under the name Neoangin he also travels the world as a musician.

Jim Avignon is the invited artist of our project.

In every country on the itinerary he will come together with local artists to exchange experiences. This will result in a work of collective art produced by the collaborating artists. The icing on the cake will be a show by one-man orchestra Neoangin on the final night in each country, and we invite local bands and DJ`s to join in.

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