Friday, October 28, 2011

The call for proposals has begun!

We invite all

urban artists, designers, muralists, illustrators, cartoonists
from the Caribbean and Central America

to participate and send us their proposals.

A panel of judges will select the most interesting artwork/designs that will become displayed across various Latin American countries.

Your design will be stuck on walls in the streets of all the countries we visit, inspiring the imagination of local artists to blend their work with yours giving rise to something new, a unique fusion of styles.

At the same time, in your own country, you will join a group of local artists to create an art space within a neighbourhood using the designs made by artists from the other nations.

To sum up the idea of our project: If your design gets picked by the jury, it will be used in every other country of the tour to inspire the artists and make them involve your design in their own works. Apart, you`ll take part in the realization of the mural in your hometown. Alongside German artist Jim Avignon and fellow local artists you will exchange and develop ideas and techniques. Aerosol cans and acrylics will be provided by the organizers.

After touring the region the project will end up in Mexico City and subsequently Berlin, where a catalogue of all the artwork and designs of all the artists will be presented in "Galerie neurotitan", a unique space for urban and alternative art.

> The designed piece we need for your participation:

The design should be a representation of your own style. It must be suitable for copying and enlarging on a big scale and it should work in colour as well as in black and white.

Please provide us with a scan or photograph of your proposal executed on paper or card. Please do not send us any photos of other work you have already done in public spaces. We wish for you take your time to create something special for this project.

One artist can submit one proposal. There is no specific theme, content or style. We encourage participants from all disciplines to create proposals -- whether it be sketches, tags, letters, stencils, tattoo sketches or drawings – just keep in mind that you can only submit one design.

> How can you participate?

Find us on Facebook (de mi barrio a tu barrio) and post your design on our wall:

You will also be able to see other artists’ work posted. You can also submit via email: The panel of judges will finalize its decision on 6th of February 2012 - until that day, you'll be able to send in your proposals.

We look forward to your participation!

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