Tuesday, November 22, 2011

9 brushstrokes with Jim Avignon

"9 brushstrokes" is a series of interviews published by the art blog plaztikmag.com. Every interview gets on with 9 questions. Read below the answers of Jim Avignon.

Many thanks to plaztikmag!

1. What is your favorite material to work with?

Jim: found cardboard and people’s expectations

2. Will you die for love or a drink at 3 am?

Jim: Can’t I have both?

3. Who/ What/ Where is currently inspiring to you?

Jim: Entropy

4. What are your goals in the next year? Cash? Beauty? Greatness? Rent?

Jim: My goal is, that there is a next year

5. Why should we stare at your creations- instead of internet porn and LOL cats?

Jim: Because there is a sad and nice beauty in my creations that is hard to find somewhere else.

6. Who has been the most supportive in your career?

Jim: My friends and my little family. I need to get distracted from work once in a while and they know how to do it.

7. What Word or Image drives you insane?

Jim: I don’t like it when computers and programs start doing silly updates and you can’t stop them.

8. How will your tombstone read?

Jim: Ready to go nowhere.

9. Where or under what influences are you most creative?

Jim: I am best in trains, especially the ones that go from east to west

photo by Mimzy for Plaztik Mag, shot at Factory Fresh, New York.

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