Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paste-up street art from Trinidad and Caracas

Check out the paste-ups of Jennifer from Trinidad and our interview with her.

How come that you're into Street Art?
>> I have always been very interested in the urban scene. I grow up in a city and as an active pedestrian I am very much aware of the street dynamics where everything is quite fast and forever changing. One way to connect with this dynamics is becoming part of it and street art seems to me like a funny way to do it; it is a simple and effective way to establish a dialog between your ideas and the environment that brew them.

Please describe your own style in a few words.

>> My style is about telling a story, it is based on meaningful themes and daily characters. That's why I like to show expressions, faces and if possible moods. Therefore, stencils suite that pattern very well: I can walk with my camera one day down the road, spot a perfect gesture and turn it into something that I will like to be reminded of just by going around the block where I paint it.

What is your perception of the Street Art - scene in the city where you're living?

>> Well, I grow up in a very dense city (Caracas - Venezuela). The dynamics there differ greatly from the city where I am living at the moment (Port of Spain - Trinidad). Here, street art is becoming more noticeable now. When I placed my first tag here it felt like invading virgin territory, but little by little I get to see real nice pieces of work all over. And for some other reason I really enjoy it like that because they are not random sketches but like exclusive pieces that show great skills and creativity.

Are there artists who had (or still have) influence on your art?

>> If I have to mention one (as cliche as it might sound), I will say Banksy. However, just the act of walking down the streets is inspiring to me, the urban atmosphere is so rich from colors to textures to moods to words that all together are enough influence. However, if on top of that you come across stellar images or any kind of urban intervention with impeccable technique it doesn't matter who made it - to me it's about taking the artwork for what it is and learn from it.

What meaning does Urban Art have for you?

>> Urban art for me is the dialog the street dynamics are capable to establish with the citizens, for me urban art tells free awesome stories to whoever is open to listen to them.

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