Friday, December 2, 2011

Interview with Cisco Merel, urban artist from Panama

Check out our interview with Francisco Merel from Panama. Many thanks to Cisco for answering our questions! To get to know more about him, visit his website:

How come that you're into Street Art?
>> In the mid Nineties, with the influence of skateboarding, everything started like a game. Bit by bit I got involved more seriously. I wanted to do paintings but the colors where very expensive. So I went to a Hardware store, bought some cans and started experimenting without having any limits set by an easel.

Please describe your own style in a few words.

>> I don‘t define myself with any particular style but my last works are more a mix between the abstract and the figurative with a lot of colors.

What is your perception of the Street Art - scene in the city where you're living?
>> The scene is very small, but I think the movement is increasing little by little. Now there are better paintings and information about what’s going on is spreading. There are no complaints anymore if people see you painting.

Are there artists who had (or still have) influence on your art?
>> Yes! More than artists, I would mention friends of mine that have marked my professional as well as my personal life. From Panama: Sumo; from Los Angeles: Demon Slayer; from California: Above; from New York: Ripo, from France: DaCruz; and from Rio de Janeiro: Ment, Bruno Big and MGA.

What meaning does Urban Art have for you?
>> Meeting people, sharing, travelling and discovering new places, to be able to transmit what I have inside me and to do every day what I like to do most: painting.

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