Monday, December 19, 2011

Aristides Ureña Ramos - Mural artist from Italy/Panama

Read our interview with mural artist Aristides Ureña Ramos from Florence, Italy. He realizes murals in Panama on a regular basis and told us about his work, oscillating between Italy and Panama. You can find more about his art on the following website:

How come that you`re into StreetArt?

>> I think it was very easy for me, as I am a multi-disciplinary artist and therefore it was a logical and direct consequence.

Describe your own style in a few words.
>> I consider myself as a manipulator of habits. I intend to melt styles and to create a potpourri of “attempts” which help me to bring out my ideas. That is why I step out of the stylistic problematic and concentrate all my energy on the finishing of my projects.

What is your perception of the street art- scene in the city where you`re living?
>> I live in Florence, Italy and I’m also spending much time in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama. These are two completely different realities, but full of contradictions that stimulate me to adapt the culture of beauty of my hometown and realize it also on other places. Right now, I am working a big mural piece which is going to beautify the city.

Are there artists who had (or still have) influence on your art?
>> For sure! The renaissance frescos of Florence – not only the most famous ones, I’m also very inspired by the 15th century murals done by unknown artists. They knew very well how to adorn ambiances. And, of course, renaissance painters Andrea del Sarto and Domenico Ghirlandaio.

What meaning does (urban) art have for you?
>> I think that projecting oneself into arts is about enjoying and delighting the public, which makes one to undergo the artistic experience as a great adventure. The point is that your creations are born and then evolve with their public. That’s a dialogue which puts our certainties to a hard test, resulting in the maturing – and many times changing – of our convictions. And I think that it is a good school of life.

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