Friday, December 16, 2011

Simer, graffiti artist from Nicaragua

Check out the interview with Simer, graffiti artist from Nicaragua, and see some of his pieces done at various locations in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. You'll find more on his blog: simelogik1

How come that you`re into street art?
>> I started to do street art because I was bored by conventional art and thought of creating new, more open alternatives in my life.

Describe your own style in a few words.
>> Wild mosaics.

What is your perception of the street art- scene in the city where you`re living?
>> Very good, there is much quality and many talents.

Are there artists who had (or still have) influence on your art?
>> In the past, when I started, I was influenced by my friends.

What meaning does urban art have for you?
>> Expressing as much as possible on the streets, considering that everybody can see it, no matter if rich or poor. It is there for all social classes.

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  1. Such a great interview, and truly a unique mosaic bombing style that Simer has goin' on. I am a huge graffiti fan and a hip hop scholar from Canada, and would love to meet up with like minded people when I am in Nicaragua over the next month (starting Jan. 21st/2013.) My email is, hit me up if anyone wants to chat. Simer, I love your work.

    -Sean R-P