Monday, December 5, 2011

Urban heartbeat artists will expose at Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin

In summer 2012, Urban Heartbeat will be presented at Neurotitan gallery in Berlin, Germany, as a multimedia exposition. The exposition will feature photo and video material of the events that took part in every country, as well as portraits of the involved artists and their work.

Click HERE and get a 3D-view of Neurotitan gallery.
(picture by neurotitan gallery, 06.04. - 10.04.2011,
Inkygoodness Character Totem Show & Ryan Quincy "THAT WAS THEN...THIS IS FOREVER"

Being a gallery and an art shop at the same time, central Berlin-located Neurotitan gallery is the hub for the activities of the association Schwarzenberg e.V. It has a very unique concept which reflects the artistic and cultural diversity of the German capital Berlin, and doesn’t submit to mainstream. Neurotitan mainly supports artists and musicians who are moving in between experiments, subculture and establishment and thereby offers them the opportunity to present their works to the public. Part of the concept of Neurotitan is its big network of international artists, who range between avant-garde and subculture, but generally are acting outside of the frontiers of the official art market. Neurotitan sees its main function and target in crossing this border, as long as it justifiable from an artistic point of view. Precondition is always the conceptual collaboration with the exhibiting artists.

The first exhibition at Neurotitan gallery took place in 1996. Until today, the 300 square meters have been used for approximately 80 expositions. Additionally, the gallery provides space for concerts, readings, performances and cooperation’s with various festivals.

We would like to thank Neurotitan gallery and the association Schwarzenberg e.V. for providing us with the opportunity to show the great street art talent that exists in our region in the facilities of one of the most renowned spaces for urban art in Berlin.

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